[DISCUSSION] 6ix9ine is the perfect example of why we need to stop making kids into superstars

Sure, the industry has *always* been like this, but in the social media age we're watching the damage play out in real time, more than ever.

How many more rappers like XXX, tekashi, or Lil Peep need to publicly fuck their lives up before we realise that throwing kids into mansions and suddenly exposing them to almost-unimaginable levels of public exposure, financial pressure and excess is a really fucking stupid idea?

Like, for real, these people are literal kids. I didn't start to get even the vaguest handle on my life until I was like...I dunno, 25? Shit, compared to a lot of people I know, I sorted my shit out early. Expecting people who've been thrown into the limelight before they can legally drink alcohol to make sensible financial and personal decisions (when their lifestyles are suddenly off-the-fucking-chain crazy) is insane to me. We can dunk on 6ix9ine for being a snitch or whatever all we like, but there are people his age who are still living with their parent(s) while studying and working part-time jobs or some shit- this guy's life has been a violent dumpster fire since day one, and then some label execs decided to give him an unnatural amount of power and fame almost overnight. The fuck did people think was going to happen? He's a kid with serious issues, clearly out of his depth, facing life in jail and/or murder by gang affiliates, and it's all playing out in front of the entire world. Nothing about it is funny.

EVERYTHING about this is fucked, and it's a systemic problem rooted in the fact that labels know young artists are the most exploitable.

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