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Jawzrsize Facial Fitness. Define Your Jaw in 30 Days.

With A Near Perfect 4.5 Star Rating
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Burn face fat and chisel your jaw with up to 50lbs of resistance. A truly innovative workout for your face.

 #1 Boil to FitWhen you boil the product, you are suppose to put the whole product in the boiling water. Only have it there for maximum 10 seconds, preferably 8. Then rinse the product from the hot water.
#2 Adjust to Teeth
After you've boiled the product for 8-10 seconds and rinsed the hot access water, place the product on your teeth and gently press down on the white bite strips to mould them for the most comfortable fit.




  • 1 x Jawline Fitness Ball
  • 1 x Bite Strip
SHIPPING DELAY NOTICE:Please be expected 2-4 weeks shipping delay due to High Volume of Order

Performing face thinning and toning exercises frequently will keep your face looking fit in the long term. Furthermore, regular facial muscles exercises improve the blood flow and, thus, supply your skin cells with nutrients leading to a stimulation of skin cell regeneration and prevention of wrinkles.


It will allows you to strengthen your jawline, face and neck using 57 facial muscles through a thorough workout!


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