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Free music or libre music is music that, like free software, can freely be copied, distributed and modified for any purpose. Thus free music is either in the public domain or licensed under a free license by the artist or copyright holder themselves, often as a method of promotion.

We welcome all creators around the world to search, find and use music from our websites . The options:  SAFE, ROYALTY FREE MUSIC.

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What is the best free music app?

Digital Music News has compiled a recent list of the world's best free music apps for you to check out.
  • Pandora Radio. Pandora Radio brings personalized radio stations straight to your smartphone and tablet. ... 
  • iHeartRadio. ... 
  • Apple Music. ... 
  • Spotify. ... 
  • TIDAL. ... 
  • Google Play Music. ... 
  • YouTube Music. ... 
  • TuneIn Radio.

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Downloading your favorite songs from YouTube videos is fairly common and there are countless websites and software available to help people do it. But not every service out there is totally trustworthy. In fact, some websites may also download questionable (or harmful) files onto your computer or even deliver poor quality audio. 
If you want to rip a song from YouTube, you’ll need to first make sure that the websites or apps you use for doing so won’t harm your device.  That said, with this guide, our team has found some methods for you to use to make the process safer and easier. 
But before we begin, we do need to issue this warning though: Ripping audio from YouTube is a breach of the streaming video site’s terms of use, which could get you in trouble. There are ways to enjoy music from YouTube without violating its terms of use, such as via Google’s new YouTube Music service — so we do recommend that you think about trying legitimate options first.
You should also be aware that some of the YouTube ripping sites out there may be infected with malware and/or use money-making practices like cryptomining. While we do our best to recommend services that are safe and that don’t engage in such activities, if you notice that your system is running hotter or harder than usual while visiting these sites, you should make sure that you don’t stay on those sites for longer than necessary. And if you choose to download software for ripping audio, be sure to have your chosen antivirus service scan the software for threats prior to installing or using it.

Desktop method: 4K YouTube to MP3

While you may not want to download another app, using an installed app tends to be safer and more reliable when it comes to ripping audio from YouTube videos. Fact is, most YouTube ripping sites, even ones that seem safe at first, may eventually fall victim to hackers and malware, and so it may be best to use dedicated software on your desktop for your audio-ripping needs. That said, even when you download software, you should always exercise caution before installing it, by making sure to scan it with your trusted antivirus software.
But downloading and installing a new app doesn’t have to be a struggle. In fact, 4K Downloader’s dedicated 4K YouTube to MP3 app features a pain-free installation and a user-friendliness that rivals most online YouTube ripping services. It’s also available for multiple operating systems, including Windows, MacOS (10.13 and later), and Ubuntu. 4K YouTube to MP3 is also free to download and use. You can also upgrade to a premium version that includes features like “unlimited playlists download” and no ads. But the free version should be enough for most people.

Step 1: Download and install 4K YouTube to MP3


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