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''New Plug'' MP3 Album


Hip/Hop heavy hitter, rap tunes that's like a fantasy festival of R&B and Hip/Hop
One of the hottest ! Underground Music collection's. Papa Don  has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. the sound of Urban Rap, Hip/Hop and R&B. 

As a teenager, Papa Don  discovered rap and began performing as a MC In the late 1990's in Oakland. Good artists turn that energy into something beautiful. The Signs of a great artist You know it, You feel it, even if sometimes  it creeps into your life.

Art at its core that make you feel something. independence that defines Hip/Hop Oakland, San Francisco’s most explosive and progressive musician.

The ''New Plug'' album one of the most popular ‘’greatest music’’ lists published in 2020. Undergournd and important album that you probably don't want  to