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Freddie Gibb's Former Manager Has Hijacked and Posted His Memoir

Direct link to the memoir or you can go to

While most Freddie Gibbs fans are familiar with his manager Ben "Lambo" Lambert, many are probably unfamiliar with Archibald "Archie" Bonkers –and for good reason. Since 2014, Freddie Gibbs and Lambo have purposely avoided mentioning him and how instrumental he was in Freddie Gibb's career. In a 2018 DJ Booth Article, Lambo neglected any mention of Archie, and Archie received no credit until reaching out to the author directly.

Now, in the entertainment industry, relationships sour and bridges burn hundreds to thousands of times a day, and outside of a tabloid speculation, the explanations for these falling outs are often left untold. For this reason, the public –and avid Gibbs fans– likely never would have heard the story of what went wrong and why Archie and Gibb's professional relationship ended. However, after years of cryptic tweets about the matter, Archie has finally taken the situation into his own hands, detailing the rise of Gibbs in his memoir while also detailing the fall of their partnership.

I'm still reading through it, but will try to add a TL;DR as soon as I can.

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