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Bushwick Bill's legacy

Today after reading about Scarface and how he's going through kidney failure, it reminded me that Bushwick Bill died back in 2019. I hope Scarface gets the help he needs!

Along with NWA, the Geto Boys were one of the pioneering groups of Gangsta Rap, a genre that may have seemed like a fad at the time, but here we are more than 30 years later. I know I damn near wore out their debut tape in junior high, and I still have my copy of their We Can't Be Stopped CD (one of the best album covers EVER, by the way). Who knows how Houston rap would have developed without the Geto Boys...

In addition to being a member of one of Gangsta Rap's pioneering groups, Bushwick Bill was a Jamaican immigrant with dwarfism, and this made his achievements in the rap game even more meaningful having to deal with those challenges.

I feel like his death should have gotten more media coverage because he truly was a legend in the rap world.

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