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Joyner Lucas failed to capitalize on his feature on 'Lucky You' and all the hype surrounding his name in 2018.

So this is just my personal opinion. Joyner just dropped his new album 'Evolution' a few days ago, and for some reason I wasn't as excited as I wanted to be when I saw he dropped the new album. The feeling that I had following that 'Lucky You' verse and the anticipation I had for him dropping an album in late 2018 or early 2019 vanished more and more when he kept releasing singles. I'm not against singles, I just think i appreciate an album a bit more, and Joyner in my opinion is an album type listen. He didn't drop ADHD until 2020!!! And most of the songs on there were already released! I understand maybe he might've tried a different approach, but man, I wasn't even THAT excited to listen to ADHD after a year and a half of waiting.

I'll wrap it up and just say that i think he should have dropped ADHD as a full album instead of singles. It would've been a smarter move on his part because of the type of artist he distinguishes himself as. Or maybe I'm just bummed out that I wanted hear a full Joyner album all at once and not listen to it track per track within a two year span. He's still a great artist don't get me wrong, but I think we can all agree that the feeling we all had for him after that 'Lucky You' feature has now dimmed a bit, even after his multiple music videos releases afterward that spark isn't all there anymore.

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