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Ordered one of RAP Ferreira's $150 shirts, got a vinyl instead. When I asked him about it on an IGlive w. Pink Navel he called me a cop and left.

Basically title, ordered one of the limited run "instincts throttled by decency" shirts and when the pack arrived it was a vinyl of Purple Moonlight Pages. Tried the standard routine w an email, after a couple weeks of no reply I hit the DMs, also w no reply. 2 months in and about 6 attempts to contact later he went on ig live w Pink Navel to promote their Noonchorus show, and near the end there were about 5 people in the chat so I figured I'd try my luck. I asked him in the chat to check his dms and very briefly explained the situation, and he just clowned me saying I'm a cop and shit. Kinda shitty way to treat a fan paying way too much money for an embroidered shirt imo. Still no contact from him or his team so I reached out to my bank to chargeback, just kinda venting but also lowkey wondering if anyone on here received the shirt by mistake. If so DM me and thank you for coming to my ted talk

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