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Black Thought announces multiple projects on the Crate 808 podcast, an album with Q-Tip, an album with DJ Premier, and a supergroup with Premier, T-Bone Burnett, and Elvis Costello.

A clip from the podcast was posted on Twitter by Crate 808 talking about these projects here

And the full podcast here

If you'd like full quotes and a few more details, make sure to watch the clip, but here's the quick points.

  1. Black Thought has been producing/making music with legendary East Coast producers DJ Premier and Q-Tip over the last year.
  2. He has made a full album with Q-Tip, recorded "over a year and some change". He did not specify if Tip only produces, or if he both produces and raps.
  3. He has finished a duo album with Preemo, and they started a supergroup.
  4. This supergroup consists of Black Thought, DJ Premier, T-Bone Burnett, Elvis Costello, and Cassandra Wilson. They have been recording a project called "Dopamine", and Tariq implied that this is the name of the group itself.

I have yet to watch the podcast as its late for me (Midnight), but this has me excited.

Black Thought now has 5 albums coming, one with Premier, one with Tip, one with Dopamine, "Dangerous Thoughts" with Danger Mouse, and the long awaited "End Game" by The Roots (Is it even called that anymore? Is it even a real album?)

Just a funny side note to me, this is the 3rd album that has been announced THIS WEEK that involves Q-Tip in some heavy way. A Megan Thee Stallion album, then a new Phife album, and now a Black Thought album. This is his 6th announced album this year, all still go unreleased.

Are y'all excited for Black Thought's future endeavors/albums? Did y'all like his recent record? Will any of these 6 Q-Tip records release? Do you guys think this supergroup will work with all of them having such different and distinct styles?

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