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[DISCUSSION] Is it just me or did the 2015-2016 SoundCloud era greatly influence our lives outside of the music itself?

Alright, so I’m 21 years old now but I remember being 16 when the South Florida scene started to blow, most of underground Atlanta was all on plugg or stoopidxool beats, and every body was wearing these pop up street wear brands influenced by people like Ian Connor, etc. Those years had such an influence on my life and it didn’t hit me until today. It’s not really something you can explain unless you are around my age but the energy is definitely felt if you get it. If you were a teenager then, you were definitely listening to Peep, X, Ski Mask, Carti, Yachty, 6dogs, LUCKI, Sahbabii, D Savage, and others (I could honestly go all day.)

Today’s scene is more on the street rapper wave but back then it was about embracing being weird but fly at the same time. Those years were so damn crazy man. I remember losing my virginity to “Wish the Worst” by Fauni, getting in fights because X gave me confidence to stand up to bullies and just being okay with being an outsider within my hometown after “finding my swag.” I’ll have my bachelor’s degree after this semester and all this stuff got me reminiscing. I have a great job, relationship with my girl, and goals outside of my 9-5. I don’t think my life would be like this if I wasn’t a part of that era. I wanted to see if anyone could relate.

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