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I purchased a cheap verse from Lil B (song also includs a brief clip of Anthony Fantano), and here is my story...


I got my close friend / producer to make a beat, but then his hard-drive crashed. The only piece we had was a 13 second instrumental, no stems or anything. He managed to salvage what he could, and somehow made this 13 second beat sound as un-looped as possible.


I reached out to Lil B via Instagram. I listened to him in High School, and he was an influence to me and many others. He responded very quickly, and asked my budget. I don't want to share how much I said, but it wasn't a lot (life has been hard, I'm sure, for many of us).

He agreed, and asked for the beat. He said he loved it, and he had his verse over to me within 24 hrs. He also sent me his phone #, to hash things out if need be.

Lil B was an absolute GEM to work with. He was very pleasant, courteous, and very funny...though I'm not sure if it was intentional? He used lots of ALL CAPS and said "I LOVE YOU" a few times, but I don't think we're dating yet, lmao

When I got his stems, I realized they didn't appear to be dry (no effects), because there was an UN-HOLY amount of reverb on them. Like, SO much reverb. So, I emailed back asking if he had the dry vocals. He said that he did not, his "microphone came like that," which was interesting.

(I'd like to point out that this is not against Lil B. Again, he was so nice and an amazing human to work with. It was just a little unexpected)


Not much to say here. I reached out to the Fantano subreddit, asking if they knew who to contact to see if I could use a clip from a Anthony Fantano vid. His manager directly reached out to me and said that it was totally fine, so there we go.

(Chino, the other guy on the song, is a buddy who works closely with a certain big YouTuber, and I love his I invited him on, too)

The Song

Lil B's verse, mixed with Fantano's clip, goes WAY TOO HARD. Lil B's verse actually slaps, with his lighthearted and (seemingly) freestyled tone. I'm so happy I had the chance to reach out to him, and I hope thay you guys enjoy it:



If you want to follow my music, you can find me on Insta @Gmb1t. Thanks for letting me share this, love you guys!

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