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My experience next to Trippie Redd on a plane

To preface this story, I don’t really listen to rap and take a lot of bars before flights. I got on my flight from Nola to Newark and sat down in my aisle seat. Some dude with red hair, lots of tats and some chains was in the window seat. You can guess who that was... unfortunately I couldn’t. The middle seat was empty. I spent the flight trying to fall asleep, taking advantage of the empty seat to get more comfortable. Every time I awoke the guy next to me would try to strike up conversation, to which I (admittedly rudely) kept ending with one word responses before putting my headphones back on. Cut to landing: I finally wake up and take off my headphones for good while I wait to deboard. The guy next to me asked me why I was coming to New York, I felt bad for ignoring him the whole flight do I indulged him and said I was headed home. That’s when I noticed the infinity tattoo on the back of his palm. Still had no clue who he was. He told me he was headed to NYC to work on his rap career. “Yeah good luck w that” I thought before saying “Oh that’s cool” and returning to my phone. That’s when he told me he likes to buy the window and aisle seat rather than one in front class cause it provides more room. Then it hit me, I’d been sleeping in this guy’s extra seat the entire flight while ignoring his attempts to likely tell me it was his seat. I apologized and told him I didn’t know to which he was very understanding and said it was no trouble at all. As I grabbed my bags and prepared to walk away I heard him pickup the phone and say “Ayo man we just landed. FUCK yeah you know I been running this plane” or something along those lines. It was an impressive flip in demeanor.

TLDR: I didn’t realize I was sitting in Trippie Redd’s extra seat and was rude to him the entire flight. He’s a really nice guy, I’m a dick.

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