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My updated list of rappers/artists to listen to

Rapperz to check out

Ka- very lyrical, philosophical and grimey. Real and all his albums are good especially 'Honor killed the samurai'. Just, Decisions, Summer, Conflicted, Vessel, Hades, Every Now and Then, Get 'Em, 247365, Sirens and so many more great songs! He never misses! I have mad respect for Ka because he has been a firefighter captain in New York City for over 20 years now and does this rap stuff for fun and for the love of it! He does all of his music on his own and does collab with people every now and then (ha, no pun intended) but for the most part he produces, raps over, and distributes his own music through his own label! He is so consistent and one of the realest I've ever heard. Mad props!

Illogic- very clean and so well spoken and emphatic. His album 'Celestial Clockwork' has great production and he never runs out of things to talk about. He sounds like a mix between Pharrell Williams and Andre 3000. 1000 whispers and Time Capsule (beat is deep!) are two standout songs from him!

R.A.P. Fereirra/Milo/Scallops Hotel- Very philosophical and poetic. Spoken word over calm cool beats. All his albums are loaded!

Elucid- a very great and mature rapper who frequently collapse with R.A.P. Ferreira/Milo and they formed a group called Nostrum Grocers and put out an album together. Go check it out!

Everybody knows MF Doom right? So I'm not even going to do the whole summary thing with him. Just check out Operation: Doomsday and MM..Food!

Same thing with Madlib/Quasimoto! He has been killing the game for too long not to be known.

Jay Electronica is an obvious one and I still don't think he gets the props he deserves because everything he spits is fire! His Beats are always good as well! If you haven't listened to his song Exhibit a (transformations) you are missing out! His recent album with Jay-Z called A Written Testimony is fantastic with great production as always!

Jpegmafia is cool! Very eccentric and hardcore! All my heroes are cornballs is his go-to album.

Danny Brown- Is he still considered underground even though he has had many classic albums and songs? Such an eccentric rapper that has great beat selections and very abstract lyrics along with abstract Beats. He can be both funny and serious and has so much vocal range because he switches up voice every song it seems like. He goes from high pitched and nasally to deep and baritone in no time. My favorite songs by him is Ain't it Funny and Grown Up, as well as his song with Freddie Gibbs titled High.

Your Old Droog- Ukrainian/Russian Nas/MF Doom/Jay Electronica/The Game- sounding hard comedic rapper. Real! He just released the song called Pravda that features many Legends including Black Thought! Can't wait for his upcoming album which will feature many other other underground rappers! 'It Wasn't Even Close' is one of the dopest albums in recent history and the song Funeral March (The Dirge) is so fire! Overall, the production on that album is superb!

Skyzoo- a very introspective rapper who knows the masterful art of circular breathing just like Black Thought. The dude is always spitting real stuff and everything I've heard of him thus far is good. His last album that came, 'Milestones', out is themed after the movie Boyz in the Hood! 'Music For My Friends' is a good album too.

Homeboy Sandman- One of the most unique cadences and flows I've ever heard and a very spoken word artist with great beat selection. I like his Homeboy Sandman is the Sandman EP with Blu. He also has some with Aesop Rock and an EP name after Kool Herc! He keeps it fresh! Speak Truth is my favorite song by him because of how refreshing it is, and the melody is so catchy!

Immortal Technique- Peruvian-American gangster/politically conscious rapper who speaks on so many social political things + history, and does it in such a simple way for everybody to grasp. This dude speaks so much truth and I would advise you go listen to him, especially his song Leaving the Past. We sure could use some more of his music in today's world!

Busdriver- Fast and super lyrical. Abstract and philosophical. 'Temporary Forever' is a packed album with the song Imaginary Places being a stand out for me.

K A.A.N.- I really don't know how he is not bigger because he has such potential and has been very consistent throughout the years. He has such a rapid flow and makes sense! Just go listen to KAANCEPTS and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. Dude FLOWS and he be spittin' knowledge (as his nom de guerre, Knowledge Above All Nonsense, implies)!

Open Mike Eagle- very melodic and lyrical with so many references to comic books philosophy and just very open about his life. His style kind of reminds me of Devin the Dude because of the way he sings and raps at the same time. Leave People Alone, Happy Wasteland Day and Legendary Iron Hood (a song about the Juggernaut!!!) are my favorites!

Billy Woods- his gimmick is pretty cool in that you can't really ever make out his face because it's always blurred and dude can flow! 'Hiding Places' is a good album from what I heard.

Quelle Chris- He has so many voices and a great vocal range while covering many topics such as black lives politics and philosophy as well. His album with Jean Grae (another underrated artist!) is cool!

Lil Darkie- such a crazy controversial artist who has very distorted beats and reminds me of my favorite artist of this generation XXXTENTACION. He has such good work ethic and his music videos are always Beast because his animations are great! He portrays himself through was perceived to be a racist Coon archetype, but it's actually based upon a Hindu god because they used to be dark in depictions. In real life he is a bi-racial and bisexual Indian dude and just so happens to say the N word in his songs, which can be controversial. You never know with this dude. And that's why I like him because I somewhat don't like him for not caring about political correctness, but I just can't stop listening! Addicting... but you either like him or you hate him. You have been thoroughly warned...

Murs- I don't even know why Murs should still be on the Underground rapper list but a lot of people still don't know about him even though he's been doing his thing since the 90s! He's such a great storyteller and pretty much any album with his you listen to you will find some songs that resonate with you and that you enjoy. H-U-S-T-L-E is one of my favorites. Walk Like a Man is one of his best storytelling songs along with My Hero and Cancun '08. Him and 9th Wonder have great chemistry and have done over 10 albums together...each one a classic!

Del the Funkee Homosapien- Ice Cube's cousin and a rapper who has been doing this rap stuff for almost three decades now. Check out his album 'I wish my brother George was here' and Deltron 3030. He is another great storytelling abstract rapper who doesn't get enough props.

Subtle- an obscure rap band that I found by doing a simple Google search with their album 'For Hero; For Fool' popping up with such an intriguing album cover I couldn't pass it up. Very abstract and different! So melodic and vibey... the previously mentioned album is quite the sonically pleasing journey. It's a walk through space and time!

Nasty C- his album 'Zulu Man With Some Power' is pretty cool and my favorite songs by him are 'That's Hard' and 'Eazy'.

And last but not least if you haven't already checked out Freddie Gibbs you should definitely do that because everything he puts out is gold! I don't count him as underground anymore because he really has came up within these last two years (especially this year cuz he's workin' with everybody!) but still not too many people know about him so I'm just putting this out there! PiƱata, Bandana, and Alfredo are all Classic Albums that need to be listened to!

I'm sure there are many more and I will keep on discovering them! So many great artists out there that don't get the attention they deserve! I just found some today that I want to check out called The Underachievers and Shabazz Palaces. I would also recommend going to check out Roc Marciano even though he's not exactly my cup of tea, his best songs are with Ka. Keep your eyes on Lil Eazzyy as well! Peace!

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