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What are your favorite specific verses of all time?

A lot of people have specific song, artist, and album rankings, but somebody's favorite verses list can vastly differ from their favorite songs list for various reasons. Plus, when there is overlapping in the two lists it gives you the ability to pick apart and identify the parts of a song that really make it great. Doesn't have to be ranked off of some lyrical miracle shit either, could just be verses you think go off; nostalgia factor, etc. Personal opinions.

Off the top of my head, and no more than one per artist here's mine:

  1. Kendrick's last verse - "How Much A Dollar Cost" - Kendrick Lamar
  2. ID 4 Wind's verse - "Next Levels" - King Geedorah (MF Doom)
  3. Kanye's first verse - "Through the Wire" - Kanye West
  4. Pusha T's first verse - "Virginia" - Clipse
  5. Q-Tip's verse - "Can I Kick It" - A Tribe Called Quest

What's yours?

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