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Who has been your "quarantine artist" this year?

When I say "quarantine artist", it could be any of these:

  • an artist you've discovered during quarantine

  • whose music you've been playing the most during quarantine

  • whose music has gotten you through quarantine

I'm sure we've all developed a different relationship with the music and artists we listen to during quarantine, because all of our music consumption has increased and we rely on it more than ever to get through the long days.

For me this artist has been Pi'erre Bourne, which I never would've seen coming. I discovered his music for the first time this summer when TLOP4 Deluxe dropped, and since summer 2020 was basically cancelled, I spent all my Fridays listening to new music. Idk, something about his music resonated to me way more than I anticipated and I've been blasting his music ever since.

I literally listen to pi'erre everyday now because it makes me feel good / brings a sense of normalcy in this traumatic ass pandemic that we're dealing with lol. So I was wondering what artists have carried 2020 for you bc let's be real, we need music now more than ever

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