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After Playboi Carti takes to Twitter to request fan input on 'Whole Lotta Red' deluxe, all hell breaks loose

Playboi Carti's 3rd studio album 'Whole Lotta Red' released on Christmas Day with both praise and extreme criticism from the community. With many favorite snippets not making the cut, today's tweet from Carti asking fans for input on what songs should be added into a deluxe version of the album has been met with tens of thousands of responses.

Declaring war against a stream of TikToker's, /r/playboicarti and the wider community went to work to ensure Carti would add only unleaked songs and ignore requests by mainstream fans for leaked songs to be included on the upcoming deluxe.


DJ Akademiks responds

'AK has turned on us ☹️'

/r/playboicarti mods instruct fans to spam likes on tweets and request unleaked song list

"Yeah it’s wraps we getting a Leak deluxe 😭😭🤦🏾‍♂️"

Mario Judah responds

Whole Lotta Red producer Richie Souf's Discord implodes, contacts Carti himself to clarify songs

Leaked song names hit Twitter trending

Lil Yachty associate instructs Yachty to contact Carti

Carti label artist responds to Akademiks tweet

/r/playboicarti reaches 10k active members

/r/playboicarti users instruct each other to mass report Tweet replies that requested leaked songs

edit: added clarity

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