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[FRESH ALBUM] Kid Cudi - Man on The Moon III: The Chosen

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Act 1: Return 2 Madness

  1. Beautiful Trip (prod. Cudi, Emile, Dot, Pat, and FINNEAS)
  2. Tequila Shots (prod. Cudi, Dot, and Take A Daytrip
  3. Another Day (prod. Cudi, Dot, Nosaj Thing, and Take A Daytrip)
  4. She Knows This (prod. Cudi, Dot, Julian Gramma, and FnZ
  5. Dive (prod. Cudi, Kilhoffer, Teddy Walton, Aaron Booe, and Kevin Parker)

Act 2: The Rager, The Menace

  1. Damaged (prod. Cudi, Dot, Take a Daytrip, and Mike Dean)
  2. Heaven on Earth (prod. Cudi, Anthony Kilhoffer & DST The Danger
  3. Show Out feat. Pop Smoke & Skepta (prod. Cudi, Pat, Christopher Justice & Everett Romano)
  4. Solo Dolo III (prod. Cudi, Pat, and Dot)

Act 3: Heart of Rose Gold

  1. Sad People (prod. Cudi, Dot, Take a Daytrip)
  2. Elsie's Baby Boy (flashback) (prod. Cudi)
  3. Sept 16 (prod. Cudi, Dot, Emile, Pat & FINNEAS)
  4. The Void (prod. Cudi & Mike Dean)
  5. Lovin Me feat. Phoebe Bridgers (prod. Dot & Rami Beatz)

Act 4: Powers

  1. The Pale Moonlight (prod. Dot, Rami Beatz, and E*vax from Ratatat)
  2. Rockstar Knights feat. Trippie Redd (prod. Dot, Take a Daytrip, & Mike Dean)
  3. 4 Da Kidz (prod. Dot, Take a Daytrip, & Mike Dean)
  4. Lord I Know (prod. Dot, Take a Daytrip, & Mike Dean)

Runtime: 58:17

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