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I appreciate the evolution of rap/hip hop from its initial inception to it's current state way more than the evolution of any other music genre.

Maybe it's because in the grand scheme it is still a super young genre of music but I am generally more easily enthralled with hip hop history than the evolution of classic rock into the metal music we have today. Still cool, but it just doesnt grab my attention in the same way.

There was a post here recently, u/thizzacre was listening to Gimmie The Loot by Biggie and was inspired to write a large essay on the vocal choices of emcees/rappers over the years. (I'll link it at the end) They included write ups of various artists and posted it with a link to the music to actually listen to it. It was a nice journey. I listened to every song and really considered the posters view point. It gave me a purpose while listening to the music as opposed to just listening arbitrarily. All in all I prefer rappers that use accents and classify themselves as entertainers as opposed to the hard core gangster rappers. The entertainers seem to put the audience above their ego and make the experience of consuming their music fun and exciting.

Couple that with rappers using alter egos to expand the genre even more..... it's just mind boggling to think that this genre of music we all love started at some dirty ass apartment party. The appeal of hip hop was so strong that it escaped the confines of that apartment and into the hearts and souls of humans across the globe.

Rappers and DJs are constantly pushing the limits of what we consider rap/hip hop. The new changes might not be appreciated by everyone across the board but that's evolution baby. It ain't always pretty but it's a good indication we are moving in the right direction.

I love reading factoids about hip hop history, like Method man sneaking in to record with Biggie, or all the huge coincidences that lead to world renowned collabs that went down in hip hop history.

How do you place hip hop history in your life? Do you have any cool hip hop history facts you wanna share?

Voices and story telling in hip hop post

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