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In 2002, Lil Wayne wrote a double entendre that would turn into a triple entendre 6 years later.

Was listening to 500 Degreez and thought this was interesting. Also, that entire album is slept on and should be considered one of Wayne's best, but that is beside the point.

On Bloodline, Wayne raps:

By my basketball shorts, where the Thunder be

If you want it then come for me

This of course has two meanings. He's talking about his pistol, saying that he would shoot anyone who tried to come for him, as well as talking about his d!ck and advertising how he would fuck any women who came to him.

However, six years later, when the SuperSonics moved to Oklahoma City and the Thunder became a basketball team, it could also potentially mean that he is a baller, akin to Thunder players who have the Thunder logo on their shorts. If you want buckets, then pull up on his court.

Just something I found interesting about a dope Wayne song

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