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Never going to try to relate to rap fans in public again

Promise this actually happened. I would t embarrass myself further into making me look like a dipshit.

I live in Sydney. Carti isn't that well known here. I was at the city with my sister and she ran into one of her friends. Now I'm 24, this was a 17 year old guy.

Hr had a vlone T shirt and Die lit hat. Now I'm already awkward as hell, but I want to look normal in front of my sis. This is pretty much how the scenario played out

(Me approaching him after he'd greeted my sis") "Hey man. Whole lotta red. " I say He looks confused and says "what?" I stuttered a bit and I'm just like "Vlone. Your shirt. Didn't you hear die lit?" He looks at me like an idiot , him and my sister laugh and he says what the fuck is wrong with you"

I fucking hate teen cardi fans

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