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Slime Season 1&2 are absolutely incredible trap projects and need to be talked about more

I have no fucking clue how im just now listening to these. when discussing 2014-2017 people always talk about rodeo, culture, futures mixtape run, ds2, savage mode, barter 6, etc......Slime season 1&2 very comfortably match if not exceed every project here.

now im terrible at "reviewing" albums but where do i even start. i think im pretty picky when it comes to music. theres barely any full albums out there that i can listen to without skipping multiple tracks. I can say with confidence that everything on Slime Season is unskippable and SS2 has maybe 1 skip. The production is fucking sick on both projects. It features london, metro, southside, wheezy, and wondagurl in their primes. and thug rides every track so well its crazy.

i strongly strongly urge anyone who enjoys young thug, future, uzi, travis, etc trap music to listen to both of these projects. you will not be dissapointed in the slightest. And make sure to listen to alex tumays master quality download of SS1, not the shitty rips on youtube or soundcloud or streaming services

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