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Theophilus London has attempted to illegally to sell his own unreleased collaboration with Miley Cyrus for $350; falsely claims he was hacked

In a conversation with a Miley Cyrus fan, Theophilus London has attempted to sell a preview of an unreleased song 'Queen Of This Generation' for $100 and the complete song for $350. This is completely illegal and Cyrus' team should sue London. London has responded to the allegations on Twitter, saying he "was hacked".

London has previously claimed he was hacked to other fans who were "scammed" last year and this year. None of these excuses make sense because of how active London is on his Instagram and the messages he has sent me and other people who were scammed by him. How could London be on Instagram every day and be hacked at the same time? It makes zero sense. The artists he has scammed and the people he has contacted have also been in touch with him throughout 2020 at different times. Has London been hacked the entire year and part of 2019? Probably not. He has given the same excuse every time without any proof of being hacked. How broke does this dude have to be to sell a Miley Cyrus collaboration for $350?

The DMs with London and London's tweet in response:

A couple weeks ago I posted about Theophilus London attempting to scam me and numerous others of various amounts for features. He has still not responded to any of the allegations I have made against him in instagram DMs, failed to provide a coherent explanation for any of the allegations made against him, and has failed to pay me $500. I know he won't possibly give me my money back to me or anyone else he owes, since he is a scammer. He owes around $1480 to me and two others who have also been scammed by him. In conclusion, do not deal with this loser.

My original post that was deleted with 726 upvotes by the mods with no explanation:

"There have been numerous accusations against Theophilus London that he is a scammer. He attempted to scam me this year and numerous others in the past 2 years. He ghosted me after paying him for a feature for $500, so I tried to spark conversation to get him to send it over, which he never did, giving me the excuse that he did not like my beat. After I called him out on his BS, he sent me a beat for the same price, which I thought was fair at the time but now I know is a complete ripoff. I gave my excuse for being so angry that I am bipolar (which I am not really anymore) to calm down the situation so he would send me my money back. Read my entire conversation and see how he tries to manipulate me into thinking he cares about the feature. Telling me I don't need to be so aggressive when he was ignored me for half a year, and blatantly lying saying I haven't communicated with him which makes ZERO sense considering I messaged him all the time and he never responded.

I thought this was all confusingly resolved until I heard rumors of him scamming others. I learned today he had a different excuse for attempting to scam another person who he said was being scammed by London as well, u/FerdiFloyd. London's excuse to him for scamming a feature was that he was hacked and the hacker was scamming numerous people. He NEVER mentioned this to me. And you're probably thinking why he never mentioned this to me? Well, its because he might have lied to u/FerdiFloyd. London was probably never hacked, and he was scamming multiple people himself. u/FerdiFloyd believed London's shitty excuse, but I am not that gullible.

It is important to note that London sent me a picture of him in the studio saying he was working on the feature on October 19, 2019, which proves he was completely in control of his instagram at the time he said he was "hacked". I really wish I screenshot the photo, but you need to believe me by the disappearing image icon that appears in my conversation on that day. Don't be gullible, Theophilus London scams his own fans, and is one of the most inconceivable manipulators in music today. I have seen comments on u/FerdiFloyd's now deleted post that others have also been scammed by London, and London has also deleted comments on instagram regarding being a scammer. Today I sent him an edited version of the beat after 6 months of no talking to see if he would respond, and he left me on read. I sent him my final message today to see if he gives an explanation. He hasn't responded yet but I will update if he does.

Update: London now claims his feature price is 20k, and that some guy he hired is the one behind the scamming. This does not line up at all with my original story. He still hasn’t responded or “read” my last IG message to him.

Update 2: Numerous people commenting have said the same story as u/Spic_Eazy said, "Theo asked a popular street wear brand Absent to send them a pair of their unreleased sunglasses for a Rolling Stones cover(I think). They sent him 3 pairs, and soon ended up at a popular L.A. resell shop." Seems like a fraud.

Update 3: I have received info from another person that they have been scammed $800 by London for shoes.

For your information, I am NOT the producer Vegyn. I am a 19 year old college student and artist from Pennsylvania. I am honestly not sure what to do about this situation. I was thinking of pitching this to music websites, but I am not sure if I will I be taken seriously. To be honest I just want my $500 back and to never have to talk to this clown ever again. Especially now that I know he’s used heroin. Thanks for reading.

  1. London's excuse to u/FerdiFloyd: he asked me to take these down.
  2. London's continued excuse to u/FerdiFloyd: he asked me to take these down
  3. My beginning conversation with Theo:
  4. London's excuse to me and further conversation. This takes place after I sent my rant message (3rd to last slide of #3):
  5. Theo now says his verse price is 20K? (Provided by an anonymous person in the comments)

I originally made a post about this in July but deleted since it wasn't very detailed and didn't have this extra information. More information from others and myself is in this comment section."

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