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Why do people like Charlamagne

I honestly think this guy is a piece of shit.

He invites Post Malone just to make fun of him the whole interview, they degrade his Dads job, talk about his girlfriends body count, and the whole "what are you doing for black lives matter" like wtf.

And we all know the logic situation "Who the hell raped your sister?"

And when Lil Durk was on there he was constantly asking and commenting on Durk and his girlfriends business.

When Denzel Curry was on there, Denzel said that he was once molested as a kid but didnt want to talk about, but Charlamagne continuously asked so many questions about it when Denzel was clearly uncomfortable talking about it. and to top it, he says "I got molested by a girl but it was ok because i enjoyed it"

and when he was interviewing schoolboy q, they start to talk about Mac Miller, Q starts crying and Charlamagne continues talking and asking questions as if hes not crying

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