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A writeup on a Florida rapper who has been in the scene for over 20 years and has worked with almost every Florida rapper to ever come up. Florida's best kept secret Tom G

So Tom is a legend in Tampa and Miami as well as north Florida. Recently he was preforming the Bet awards with a remix of his 2004 song "city boy with it" He has been doing shows and hustling independent for years supporting himself selling tapes out of his car at times. He was awarded the key to the city recently and I am just hoping to get some exposure out for him. He has a Florida accent somewhat similar to Kodak and him and kodak were in contact writing letters while he was locked up. Anyway I'll post some songs I like by him but you might want to just check out his music he has kept up with trends extremely well so you can find a bit of everything. My favorite mixtape is kush and cups but he is on Spotify and give him a listen. this is one of my favorite songs by him this is his newest song on YouTube it's fire

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