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Be respectful when someone passes

Recently the rapper 6 dogs passed away, and while I've seen tons of love and support, there's also been tons of hate and shitty jokes. On Twitter and tiktok and Instagram, all you see in the comments on posts about him passing are people saying "who?" "Smoking that 6 dogs pack" "rip but his music was trash". I don't think these people realise how disrespectful it is to say this stuff, no one cares for you didn't like his music, because this isn't a review or anything, it's people mourning the death of a young, talented guy who didn't get to live life to its fullest. It's tragic wether or not you liked his music, so why bring it up?

People find it so easy to make "jokes" about dead artists because to them, they're just public figures and not real people with families, friends, aspirations and experiences. It's seriously fucked up to mock the passing of such a young artist.

I also think just asking "who?" Is so rude and unnecessary, it's fine if you don't know the artist, just move on with your life and ignore it, or just show your respect and move on. No one cares if you don't know who they were, and asking "who?" Is obviously implying that they're unknown or irrelevant, which is far from the truth. These artists have friends, family and fans that all love them, so just because you don't know them doesn't mean they don't matter. And if you actually want to know who they are, their name is right there and you have access to Google, so feel free to search it up instead of saying "who" or telling everyone you don't care.

I think so many artists aren't shown respect and get mocked when they pass, especially more underground artists. It's usually just immature kids but it's so corny to make dumb, overused jokes when someone passes. It's not hard to have respect, even if you didn't like their music or you didn't know them.

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