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Crazy story developing as Yasin, biggest rapper in Sweden is arrested on suspected involvement in kidnapping of other big artist

Earlier this year, Einar, one of the biggest rappers in Sweden was kidnapped and humiliating photos of him chained up and bloody were spread on social media. He was freed shortly after and dropped a successful album where he rapped about the incident, and police investigation has been underway since.

Einar has been controversial in Sweden as a white swedish teenager (dude blew up at like 16) with a well known actress mum achieving huge success through gangsta rap and adopting a lot of slang mostly used by immigrants in the suburbs.

Yasin is as of right now probably Sweden's biggest rapper, originally blowing up as a young teenager before going away to jail for a while on gun charges. He has also been closely affiliated with Western Stockholm gang Shottaz, who have been involved in one of the country's most deadly and grim gang conflicts in suburb Rinkeby.

Late last year Yasin got out and has this year dropped two hugely successful and lauded albums (both great imo) while claiming to have left his criminal life behind him.

On new years eve however, Yasin was sadly once again arrested on suspicions of having been involved in the aforementioned kidnapping of Einar.

To put into perspective how insane this is, this is like if Drake was involved in a kidnapping of Travis Scott - absolutely crazy and heartbreaking news in a scene already marred by violence and controversy. Especially crazy considering they both have a lot of shared collaborators musically.

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