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History And Mystery Of Mama's Boyfriend

July 27th, 2010. Kanye West. Facebook Headquarters in Palo Alto, California. A folding table. Performing a spoken word verse from a song called Mama’s Boyfriend. This was before My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was the name of his fifth album, then it was rumored to be titled good ass job which is now instead of the rumored title of the Kanye X Chance collab album that will never come out. Sadly, the same can be said for the song Mama’s Boyfriend that was performed at the Facebook headquarters on that summer in 2010. But luckily, it leaked. Kind of.

For those of you new to the song, there are several versions out there. The first-ever version known to exist is the Facebook folding table acapella. The second version is a leak that came on June 13th, 2011. Click this link to hear it. This version of the track opens with a sample of the song “The velvet swing” by Acoustic Alchemy (, you can hear the sample at 4:44.) The second sample “Alright you niggas” is currently a mystery, some people on KTT think it's from the movie Dolemite but some others think it’s from a Curtis Mayfield sample. Please for the love of god let me know what the sample is, I have been looking for it for three hours now to no avail. This version is actually fan-made. According to the statement released by Kanye’s representative on June 16th, 2011, the beat was not real it was fan-made.

The second version of the song that most people have heard is the one with the Billy Joel sample. This version was first premiered by Q-Tip (of a tribe called quest fame) during the red bull academy lecture he gave in April of 2013. This version of the song heavily interpolates the Billy Joel song “Moving Up (Anthony’s Song)” off his album “The stranger.”, the song starts at the timestamp 1:38:25. As Q-Tip presses play the song abruptly starts with the breakdown of “Moving Up”, specifically the part where Billy Joel sings on the chorus “Seems such a waste of time, if that’s what it’s all about, Mama if that’s moving up then I’m moving out.” I am pretty sure that “a-la” sound you hear on Kanye’s track is Billy Joel singing “Cadillac” about 1:27 into the song “Movin’ out’ but sped up. Q-Tip did a good job chopping up the song, I really like how he took the horns section from after the first chorus of “Movin’ Out” and centered the entire rhythm section of Mama’s boyfriend around this sample.

This sample was supposed to signify that Kanye wanted his Mama’s boyfriend to move out according to Q-Tip. He also said that Soulja Boy was supposed to be on the track. Can you believe that Soulja Boy only just turned 30? He was 17 when he released “Crank That”, god damn.

There have been several fan recreations of the Billy Joel version of the song, most uncreatively just adding the whole Billy Joel song onto the original Kanye vocals and calling it the “extended” version of the track. But there is a good one, this version is still up on YouTube and I hope that if Mama’s boyfriend does get released someday it sounds like this song right here: This version doesn’t have Kanye’s second verse, but I still like it because it adds a lot more bounce to the Billy Joel sample.

That’s mostly it for the history of Mama’s Boyfriend, there haven’t been many updates on if the song will come out or not. Since this is just an unreleased track, we’ll probably hear it either when Kanye’s laptop gets stolen by some distant cousin again or when he dies and his entire vault of music gets released (hopefully). If you have any more information, please let me know. This post was made to spread more knowledge about the unreleased song so if I am wrong on anything, please let me know. I really hope this gets more people to listen to one of my favorite unreleased Kanye tracks, another good one is Southside Serenade but that’s for another time.

P.S. There is a fourth version of the song supposedly that was recorded live with John Legend doing some backup vocals, PLEASE SOMEBODY FIND THAT VIDEO.

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