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I still aint over DOOM's passing.

He was a fucking king, and I don't think anybody will ever reach his level again. DOOM was the first good rap I ever fell in love with, and the taste I formed from his music broadened my horizons and lead me to all the other hip hop I love today.

He had this abstract quality to his rhymes, entirely stream of consciousness and free association, yet somehow still conveying a distinct narrative. His raps make me laugh, they make me sad, they make me think and they pump me up like no other.

I feel like his passing marks the end of an era. He perfected that old school style of hip hop, better than anybody before him, and brought it with him into the modern era, but it's gone now. There will always be amazing rap, and the genre will continue to evolve and change in amazing ways, but I'll always miss what he brought to the table.

bring heat like the boy done gone to war.

came in the door, like 'everybody on the floor.'

a whole string of jobs like we on tour.

every night, on the score, coming to your corner store.

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