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Logic announces album from new signee or potential alter ego "Doctor Destruction", out January 22nd

IG post

"I met this cat @docdmusic 3 years ago in Chicago. Now he claims to be from the year 2097 so he must have borrowed doc brown’s Delorean lol. However on that day he handed me a flash drive with music like many before him. But this was special, and so true to the roots of hip hop I had him keep sending more over the years. And once I’d heard enough I decided to sign him. Now I don’t know how he convinced me to executive produce his entire album but I’m glad I did. This kid is full of imagination. So strap on your space suit and get ready for his free debut album (not mixtape) releasing on Friday the 22nd on @DatPiff. Go show him endless love and support. It’s a special project.

OuterSpaceGang #RattPack"

Some fans are speculating that "Doctor Destruction" is a Logic alter ego, with some twitter users pointing out that Doctor Destructions instagram page is Logic's dogs old account

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