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[ORIGINAL] C./FORTE - Don't Trip. I posted the trailer and single to this EP on HHH and got lots of love. Here's the EP. My best friend and I were making an LP that got delayed due to COVID, and so we went DIY and made this EP. HHH has been a huge part of my life, excited to share this!

Listen to the EP on Spotify, Apple, or Amazon.

My friend and I have been making music together for a few years, but haven't released anything in a while. When our LP got delayed, we didn't want to wait anymore, so we made a DIY EP with the help of a friend who's an engineer. It's not a perfect project but we put 100% of our hearts into it and are excited to share it with ya'll.

If you wanna follow us on social media, you can find our info in corner of that page. Hope you enjoy!

EDIT: Updated links to individual streaming services because my hyperurl was being weird. Yikes.

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