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Pimp C is more sophisticated than Black Thought

Hey, I just reciently posted my YouTube Video for Pimp C here and I wanted to discuss something with you.

The way I see it:

"What they do what they do, niggaz was corny as fuck You gets no play in that Texas, yo shit don't bump in the trunk" I love Pimp C for this shot against The Roots. "What they do?" from The Roots starts like this: [Verse 1: Black Thought] Yo, yo Lost generation, fast-paced nation World population confront they frustration The principles of true hip-hop have been forsaken It's all contractual and about money-making At first this may sound sophisticated or something, but what is this really? Just negative vibes and big words in ya face. Pimp C starts like this: The piece, the chain, the gangsta hats The alligator shoes with the belts to match I'm smokin on the finest of California love These hoes still wanna fuck me even though they know I sell drugs Now, I am not saying ya'll shall sell drugs, but man, this is celebrating life for what it is and between the lines you can read all the suffering that goes with it as well. Black Thought isn't subtle at all and directly starts with "Lost Generation". "The piece, the chain, the gangsta hats" says ALSO Lost Generation (with guns, the drugs, the crime), but with more layers, between the lines and is also NOT acting as a victim on it, plus Pimp C accepts openly to be part of this money industry. I bet you the brand "The Roots" is a bigger money-machine than UnderGroundKingz. Ultimately it's far more poetic. And that's why yo shit don't bump in the trunk, in Texas :P How can "The principles of true hip-hop have been forsaken" when Wu-Tang is Forever, and UGK 4 Life?

And this is the video again Pimp C - Top Notch Hoes | Video | Tribute

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