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The story of meeting DOOM when I was 13 with my dad

I had the pleasure of meeting DOOM when I was pretty young

My mom is American however my fathers British, lives in London, in 2011 I was living with my dad for the second half of the year after not seeing him for awhile, one thing we bonded over was music, and he put me on to a bunch of good music, one of which was DOOM and Madlib which both resonate with me to this day as it probably does for lot of you in here.

Anyway, he had a show at the Roundhouse in Camden and my dad brought me, I was probably like 13 at the time but we were in the back because I was young I guess, he played lotta stuff of BORN LIKE THIS and some of the main ones off Madvilliany, I vividly remember him playing Accordion in particular and being hype as a dumb kid.

The show ended and me and my dad hung out for a long time outside in hopes of seeing the man, people were leaving and I didn’t think he’d show, lot of people had left but my dad was cool with staying on off chance he’d see the guy, hard person to catch so why not wait?

He came out way later on, only probably dozen left, he had no mask on, I wouldn’t have known it was him really had my dad not mentioned something.

He signed autographs and dapped up fans and what not and when he got around to us he was laid back and cool, had a certain aura to him I can’t really explain, asked if we enjoyed the show, and asked how old I was, I told him I was 13 and he said I had good taste for a youngin and my dad said something along the lines of thanks to me

I made a remark that I was also an American Brit by birth and he laughed and said he realized that now that he could tell my accent wasn’t British, I could be wrong but it wasn’t after long after that tour he wasn’t let back into the US and settled in London himself. Shook his hand and we went on our way.

Sad he’s gone but I know he’s with his son and he’s left such a mark on so many kids, he made it cool to be weird, different, introspective, and think outside the box, that’s something I’ll try to pass onto my kids


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