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Top Ten Tuesday: 2020 Edition

We're kicking of 2021 with the best songs of 2020. Songs posted must be released between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020. Meaning if a song came out on an album early in 2020 but was released as a single before 2020, (i.e. Moneybagg Yo's All Dat; Morrow, Nice to Have, and Under the Moon by 070 Shake) it won't be elligible. Same rules listed below still apply

Here's how this works:

• One song per comment.

• The thread will be put into contest mode (randomized comment order).

• Upvote the songs you like.

• Please don't downvote!

Search/use ctrl+f to see if anyone posted the song already.

• Try to limit yourself to posting one or two songs.

• Please post a link with your song.

• The 10 songs with the most upvotes will be HHH Top Ten.

• Have fun!

Here is is our spreadsheet with all past results, made by /u/elektrikg33k.

Our upcoming schedule:

2/2/21 - Saint Jhn

2/9/21 - Busdriver

2/16/21 - Big Pun


please take 5 seconds to ctrl+f the thread to see your song has already been posted

and as always pm me if you want to see a certain artist here

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