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Rate my lyrics. Ps im 13 and have only been rapping for about a year

You talking about walking in the mud

well i know sometimes we feel like we in a rut

while all we tryna do is get the bucks

and while were doing that it feels like we got hit by a semi truck

but you gotta keep your chin up gotta keep your strength like doing chin ups

talk about walk a mile you gotta sprint 10 miles in my shoes c'mon keep up

while your doing high knees

you ain't got the same speed as me while i'm not even trying

but officer i cant breathe it feels like im dying

im soaring above everybody else like i'm flying

and there is no denying

that you better start relying

on the fact that i'm undying

there is no buying happiness

but either way your gonna hit the canvas cause i'm coming out champion

and yall better stop ranting

but i think yall are misunderstanding

because im advancing to a higher level like i'm enhancing my skill level

while your acting like a devil im burying you alive so i better get the shovel

im slamming my foot on the peddle

while i'm killing the instrumental with elemental powers

and i'm not sentimental

and so what i live in a rental

no matter what i'm temperamental

and i'm still in the developmental stage

that's means i'm completely mentally insane

im not even sure if i have a brain

and im bout to throw you under a train

better off my terrain

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