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[DISCUSSION] Conway the Machine & The Alchemist - LULU (One Year Later)

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crazy how alchemist is working with teejayx6 one day and Conway the next

This is the first Griselda project this year, right? Place your bets here, how many are we getting in 2020? I predict 7 or 8.

Also this shit is fantastic, Conway sounds amazing over amazing Alchemist beats, surprise.

His flow on Calvin is crazy

4 songs in and surprisingly enough the beats are great and the rapping is great. Who wouldve thought that Alchemist and a griselda member could make great music?

Edit: They Got Sonny is just simply amazing

Edit 2: Yeah this is just a solid ass project. Cant wait for Conway's Shady album

Conway's rapping on Calvin kinda caught me off guard but I liked it. And Gold BBS'S is gonna be bumping out the trunk HARD when we can finally leave the house. Alchemist maintaining his presence as usual. This project lived up to my expectations.

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