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[DISCUSSION] Joyner Lucas - ADHD (One Year Later)

ADHD is the debut studio album by American rapper Joyner Lucas. It was released on March 27, 2020, by his self-owned label, Twenty Nine Music Group.[2] The album features 4 skits with music created for the album by Leo Son. The album features guest appearances by Logic, Young Thug, Chris Brown, Timbaland, Fabolous, and King OSF and production from Boi-1da, Timbaland, Highself, Jahaan Sweet, Illmind, Bregma among others


The album was announced on October 12, 2018. Lucas has stated that his childhood diagnosis with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder was the inspiration for the album.

When I was a kid I was diagnosed with 'ADHD'.. they said I was aggressive, fidgety, hyperactive, impulsive, etc... they tried to put me on meds. Everyone around me including my own parents made me feel like I wasn’t normal. I had to constantly see a doctor who made me take tests and all that. They separated me from the regular kids in school and put me in these classes away from everyone [...] Creating music was and always has been my only therapy. It’s the only way I ever knew how to express myself. I was tired of being cut off every time I spoke or had a opinion.. I figured if I made music then you would have no choice but to listen to me and hear me out [...] The kid with 'ADHD' did it.

Top Comments in Fresh Thread

Hell ya cant wait to listen to 3 new tracks!

Currently listening rn and I will say the album flows well, but it's really hard not skipping songs knowing you've heard them a good year ago.

Isis still my favorite

Honestly I'm just happy this is done so I can start looking forward to his next album for real this time

508 will always give me hope

Top Comments in Fantano Thread

I was barely able to get through one full listen of this album - and not because it's like one of the worst albums I've ever heard, there are a few moments (namely Will, that's a genuinely great song), on this thing, but mostly because I was just in awe of how far he's fallen since his 508 tape. Don't get me wrong that wasn't a masterpiece, but it was a very good, maybe even great project that, at the time, had me excited to see what Joyner would do in the future. Instead, Joyner's trajectory seems to be that of a submarine.

edit: "if not liking joyner lucas makes you gay, call me gay" line of the year from fantano there lmfao

Can I just say how dumb it is that Joyner dissed R. Kelly on one song but then features Chris Brown on another. For all his attempts at making socially conscious music it's clear that he isn't fully committed to it in a lot of respects.

Unless somehow being hypocritical about such things was supposed to tie into the ADHD concept, but I think even his biggest fans wouldn't buy into that excuse at all.

Edit: This spawned the fucking funniest comment thread I've seen in a long time.

Releasing so many singles off the album definitely ruined the hype and made it feel more bland than it actually is. We were all expecting this though. It's not a great debut album release but there's some good tracks on it. ISIS is still a banger and Will had a good video to take the concept of the track to another level, as well as it being a good tribute song to an idol.

The album title wasn't really explored and the skits didn't really do much to support it either.

I've seen a few of the 'lyrical miracle' and 'he just rhymes words for punchlines and raps fast' opinions/jokes which is odd for this. If anything he's toned that down too much to the point where a load of the tracks are just bland with no substance, whereas in older projects he'd have better concepts, more unique flows and more thoughtful rhyming schemes. Needs to find the balance.

Hoping he learns and pulls it back in his next album, but don't want him going down the Logic route of releasing bangers on a mixtape then releasing a garbage album where a concept is more relevant. He's a talented artist but in my opinion he's barely been using half of that as of late.

Ross Capicchioni was the first song I was introduced to. This has been a massive disappointment when seeing what he used to put out.

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