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[DISCUSSION] Knxwledge - 1988 (One Year Later)

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y'all act like this man doesn't drop 50 projects a year that sounds this good lol

Knxwledge once again proves that he’s one of the best producers and samplers of this generation. Man is in a league of his own and that Nxworries teaser is just icing on the fucking cake. I hope people don’t sleep on this release because this is really great so far.

anyone who doesn’t listen to knx, listen to track 15. still knocks me out every time years later. nice to have an extended version, although i kinda like the mix on the original version better (this one’s “cleaner”). that synth tho...

i’m crying dude. this man is a monster.

Knxwledge always drops heat

itkanbe[sonice] (feat. Anderson .Paak & NxWorries)

Yes Lawd!

Hud Dreems is one of my most played albums ever (my has it at #10 all time). I must have played it three or four times back to back when it dropped. To say this was my most anticipated album of the last few years would be an understatement.

I'm laying in bed wishing I could just get up and let it loop, but alas, work calls in the morning.

Love how the track titles fit together and form a calming message for the listener.

This is all I'm listening to tomorrow. Can't fucking wait.

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