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Hip hop's "Gay agenda"

So I've been watching a couple of conspiracy videos "proving" there's a secret gay agenda in hip hop and Hollywood, and that rappers/celebrities from old and new get into the industry by doing gay stuff or allegedly being in the closet, and rappers nowadays dressing feminine are further pushing said agenda. They're worried about how it's emasculating black men into being less manly/fruity or whatever.

Ah yes, a genre that has been notoriously homophobic is pushing a gay agenda.

Like you have no proof of that. It's incredibly baseless. Some rappers being suspect or dressing feminine doesn't indicate anything.

So if a celebrity is in the closet, that's apart of the agenda, but if they're out of closet, that's still an agenda? Which is it? It sounds like people just can't stand gay people existing or something. lol

Plus it kinda implies gay ppl can't be successful in entertainment without doing some creepy "behind closed doors" shit. Even if there's some weird elite shit behind it, why does it matter? It's not like they're making us do it.

As someone who is black, lot of these viewpoints are rooted in how the black community has always been PAINFULLY unaccepting, especially towards gay ppl. We still be using gay/fruity as an insult and shit like that it's tiring as hell.

I like the hypermasculine nature of hip hop (it probably wouldn't exist without it), but I don't mind rappers like Lil Nas X or Young Thug challenging the status quo.

They're not "ruining" hip hop cuz it's only been a minority of rappers and don't speak for the entire genre.

Anyway, here's some vids discussing this shit.

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