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HipHopHeads St. Patrick's Day Playlist Exchange Signup

Since we haven't had a Secret Santa mixtape/playlist exchange in awhile, I thought I'd make one even though it's already March. I've already posted this in some recent Daily Discussion threads but we decided a top-level post was appropriate. Anyone is welcome to participate, but please don't sign up if you don't intend on actually sending a playlist to the user you are matched with.

Here's how it's going to go:

  1. Sign up by entering your username with this link. Make sure you spell your username correctly. You'll need a Google account to sign up for the exchange to prevent multiple entries. The deadline to sign up is March 9th.

  2. On March 10th, a week before St. Patrick's Day, you'll be sent a random username.

  3. Sometime before St. Patrick's Day (March 17th), send that user a playlist. This can be done by either sending artist/title names, a Spotify/Apple Music/YouTube playlist, etc. If you're not sending with a streaming service but want to make some custom playlist cover art, host it on imgur and link that too.

  4. There will be a discussion thread on St. Patrick's Day to discuss the results and talk about what you've found through the exchange.

Suggested Playlist Guidelines

  • Keep it around 8-12 songs.
  • Songs don't have to be from this year.
  • Songs don't have to be obscure, but avoid including artists that are very clearly mainstream.
  • Making some dope custom artwork for the playlist is highly encouraged but not a must. It'd be cool though, and you don't want to not be cool.
  • Your playlist should consist of mostly, if not completely, hiphop. After all, this is a hiphop subreddit.
  • Users who don't send a playlist to their match will be publicly shamed.

Again, the signup link is here.

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