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How do you interpret/digest 5 Percenter Nation of Islam teachings/messages in Rap lyrics?

If ancient egyptians (aka black people) owned jewish slaves and had jewish advisors, why do the nation of israel lead by farrakhan practice anti-semitism against the jews if black people were their original slave masters? I guess any ruling class would hate that their labor class rose up and replaced them like "trading places" <- good movie, btw

I never fully understood it, help me fill the gaps...

Especially when rappers like Jay Electronica vehemently blindly praise Farrakhan without questioning his authority and that your favorite rappers may be 5 percenter nation as well like RZA, GZA, ODB, Rakim, maybe Pete Rock, etc...

There's deep religious cultish beliefs and light references here and there just to say something fly to excite the average listener with content and lyricism.

However for deep beliefs, you have black people adopting the arabic language as their own (when they have hieroglyphics/cuneiform, yet it is a dead language), fasting, and praying 5 times a day...don't get me wrong, knowing that there is pork in jello is great if you are trying to adopt a vegan, non-swine diet to live longer with less inflammation. Some of these traits are good while some are weird/superfluous

For the Nation of Israel, it seems that they are just trying to find a racial scapegoat, even though many factions of people blamed the jews for practically everything. In Ancient times, the jews learned how to be shrewd with money by being the original advisors/slave labor for ancient egyptians. Historically, the ancient egyptians lost their ability/technology to build pyramids over time (after the aliens left) but still retained their slave labor. But the ruling egyptians became lethargic while their jewish slaves became shrewd by learning how the upper class functions and catering to their needs. And then Moses stepped in and freed the jewish slaves with bible miracle anecdotes, where the egyptian civilization collapsed after that. Moses may have been the original Abe Lincoln to jews if you think about it -- both had beards.

The jews took their lessons from ancient times to become doctors and bankers (for the ruling class), which allowed them to control the money supply and wield power. This ruffled the old german/english aristocracy, and also created more anti-semites from other races along the way, with some elites in America supporting Hitler's cause. Specifically, the 'lost children of israel' aka black people hate that they were thwarted from power just to work for a race whom Blacks once owned? That's major FOMO. This also is foreshadowing of Malcolm X -- anyone who goes rouge after you teach them are a threat because the nation of israel wants to exude control over their disciples/slaves.

So it stems from pure jealousy that the jewish people are winning? And then it became white people in general when blacks were enslaved? And it's a mixture of ancient egyptian elitism of trying to rise back into power again that the black man has to practice hate against their own past slaves and whomever they taught, just to extend their control? -- A lot of rappers skip these steps and go straight into racial pride and calling each other kings, but the rappers who follow Farrakhan's teachings closely know a lot more, even though the Nation shrouds their true reasoning while trying to be pretentious with each other....just look at how Jay Electronica treats other rappers based on them not rapping to his standard but then Jay himself crumbles under his own expectations with a shoddy discography and 'empty threats of sonning people and releasing his vault' but end up doing neither.

^ Is this where Farrakhan's teachings and his fuel of fiery sermons stem from? -- hate stemming from jealousy and trying to claim past elitism? The Nation of Islam would train their disciple in Malcolm X but then disposes of him once Malcolm learned the 'truth' and thought for himself that their teaching had flaws instead of having blind loyalty/faith... Farrakhan even bragged the intentions of why they killed Malcolm X and there's nothing that the 'white-established FBI' can do about it, given that they see every follower as expendable.

That's the best explanation I have but it's still muddy. Let me know if anyone can help clarifying (without the voodoo mumbo jumbo reasoning that every other follower ends up talking in circles about)....just take a grain of salt every time a rapper brings up 5 percenter teaching in their raps that this is where is stems from...some rap lyrics reference NOI teachings just to say a clever, fly rhyme while others are more like a dog whistle that only their own can interpret.

How do you interpret/digest 5 Percenter Nation of Islam teachings/messages in Rap lyrics?

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