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Inside California’s new era of rap

California will always be known for the gangsta rap and g-funk from the 90s, but little does the world know of the massively underrated scene coming out of Cali right now. Obviously i cant fit everybody thats hot on this list, but ill try my best

Drakeo the Ruler is without a doubt the hottest in the state right now. They were tryna give him life but he recently got freed a few months ago. He just got a Drake feature but i dont think that even cracks his top 20 best songs. I cant put too much songs because honestly drakeo could have his whole own post but here are a few. With features on the way from a lot of big artists, the only way is up now for Drakeo.

Drakeo The Ruler - Too Icey

Drakeo the Ruler - Impatient Freestyle

Drakeo The Ruler - Mr Everything

If Drakeo’s the hottest in Cali, then no doubt Bris was a close second. Although he tragically got gunned down in June of 2020, hes still making noise and getting views. Quite possibly the best rapper out of Sacramento since Mozzy, ive never heard another rapper with a flow or energy similar to bris. Truly one of a kind. The majority of his discography is hard but heres just a few of his slaps.

Bris- Panhandling

Bris- Mayhem

EBK Young Joc x Bris x Armani Depaul - Jokes Up

Bris - Need Hammy Bris - First 42 Hour Freestyle

Zaybang is one of the better known rappers coming out of cali right now so is his frequent collaborator Lil Bean. More of a singy type vibe then the other rappers on this list but still hard.

Zaybang - No Relations

Lil Bean - Vital

Lil Bean - Down 2 Ride

EBK Hotboiiz are a rap group coming out of Southeast Stockton. Although their pretty good as a group, I feel like 2-3 of them are levels above the rest.

EBK Young Joc - Do That One Dance

Young Slo-Be ft. Ebk Young Joc, Ebk Juvie, and Bris - This Aint Nun New

Ebk JaayBo - 2100

Mac J ft Young SloBe, EBK Young Joc- Minswell

Young SloBe ft Ebk Trey B, Ebk Young Joc - 2100 Shell Kases

Peysoh is a relatively new rapper coming out of Maywood, LA, California. At only 17 he is the youngest rapper on this list and also one of the fastest rising.

Peysoh - Life I Live

Peysoh - 6Block

Dsteez is yet another rapper from Sacramento with bars.

Dsteez - Oops

Dsteez- Im Back

Dsteez ft. Mo3 - Wake the City up

If gangsta rap had a baby in 2021 it would be Uzzy Marcus. Although very widely hated because of his beef with Bris theres no denying he goes hard.

Uzzy Marcus - 42k

Uzzy Marcus - 7.62s

Uzzy Marcus - D.O.A

Part 2 coming soon

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