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Death Grips - Exmilitary (10 years later)

Exmilitary, also known as Ex Military, is the debut mixtape by experimental hip hop group Death Grips. It was released for free on April 25, 2011 through the band's website.

Background The mixtape was released for free on April 25, 2011 through the group's official website, It was simultaneously released through iTunes. The track "Guillotine" was released through iTunes on August 3, 2011. "Guillotine" has become one of the band's most recognized songs, with more than eleven million YouTube views on their music video as of August 3, 2020. Other tracks released as music videos include "Known for it", "Culture Shock", "Lord of the Game", "Spread Eagle Cross the Block", "Takyon (Death Yon)", and "Beware." According to Andy Morin, the cover art "[is a] photograph that one of our members carried in their wallet for roughly 10 years straight. It’s a power object." The photo was eventually identified as "Bearded Man at Oenpelli", taken by Douglass Baglin in 1968.

Track listing: 1. Beware 5:53 2. Guillotine 3:43 3. Spread Eagle Cross the Block 3:52 4. Lord of the Game (ft.Mexican Girl) 3:30 5. Takyon (Death Yon) 2:48 6. Cut Throat 1:12 7. Klink 3:22 8. Culture Shock 4:21 9. 5D 0:43 10. Thru the Walls 3:56 11. Known for It 4:13 12. I Want It I Need It (Death Heated) 6:11 13. Blood Creepin 4:50

What’s your thoughts and opinions on this mixtape 10 years later. Has it improved on you, has it not. What’s your personal favorite song off it as well. In my opinion this is pretty high up in the death grips discography ranking.

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