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Desi Hip-Hop

This post is for the people who want to listen to Desi hip hop I started listening it to get fluent in hindi as one of my parents is from India , so I am going to recommend some artists that I like please feel free to tell yours.

Mainstream :

1)Raftaar 2)Honey singh(i would recommend his earlier songs not the new ones but it's just my opinion so...) 3)Badshah(Listen his 3 am sessions) 4)Ikka 5)Divine 6)Emiway Bantai

Popular among DHH masses: 1)Yong stunners 2)Kr$na 3)Rap Demon 4)Savage 5)Seedhe Maut 6)Bali(comical rap) 7)MC stan (this man is doing what no one does in dhh) 8)Muhfaad 9)Faris shafi 10)Harjas harjai 11)Dhruv Sthetick(listen his tu nasha) 12)Kidshot 13)sikander kahlon 14)Prabhdeep 15)Run-up Records(Ap dhillon&Gurinder Gill) 16)D'evil 17)Kaambhari 18)7 Bantaiz

Underground: 1)Ahsan 2)Gali hip hop 3)vasudev 4)Teesri Duniya 5)Gaush 6)F8l 7)Authen 8)Danav 9)i am young dirrt

Young talents(in their teens i guess): 1)Prince Music 2)Paradox 3)Dee King

Note : please don't be mad if i didnt put your favourite artist in a category which you think they fit in.Also in no way the list is in an order of high to low talent

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