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[DISCUSSION] Quelle Chris and Chris Keys's Innocent Country 2 is a year old.

What a great album. This album and Blu & Exile's Miles are 2 of my most listened to albums last year.

Quelle Chris killed it. The lyrics are smart, funny, witty, and dense enough so that you could pick up new things from every listen. Chris Keys provided Quelle some gorgeous beats. The keys, the drums, and the groove that the beats have are superb. The features are all very solid, and were placed well.

There are lots of highlights here. My favorite song is for sure Graphic Blees Outs. That flute solo is amazing and Quelle's performance is excellent.

  • What are your thoughts on the album?

  • Do you think it's Quelle's best work to date?

  • How do you think it's going to hold up over the years?

Link to Bandcamp in case you wanna support the artists.

Album of the year Write-Up by u/GhostofRimbaud

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