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The latest news, commentary, and reviews on the art & entertainment scene that impacts the Oakland Bay Area Music. This includes artists, Free music & more.

 Oakland: The Musical History Tour: A Guide to Over 200 of the Bay Area's Most Memorable Music Hits. Another section centers on the history of hip-hop in the Bay Area and was curated with the help of local music legends. Dj Rip Out - first studio Ep ''party life'' was released on 5/6/2019 and so will put together entertainment that one can listen to it over and over. He knows music and how to recreate it, redefine it, and bring it to life. Dj Rip Out well flood the market with his extremely entertaining mix tapes, that one can listen to over and over with the insane mixing and remixes. Dj Rip Out mix tape truly is a masterpiece of epic records but most of all. DJ Rip Out knows people and knows how to move them. Yon can listen to it on a constant basis at home in the office and so on.

If you've never heard of Dj Slapnasty, you're really missing out on a huge part of the Bay Area's — and America's — musical history.listen to millions of songs Free. DJ Slapnasty has a style of his own, keeping the art of the DJ and of the mix tape alive. Creating original records and new twist the sound of urban rap hip/hop and R&B. DJ Slapnasty delivers performances that create buzz and strengthen in the nightclub scene. For going above and beyond as a performer, a DJ and a producer. DJ Slapnasty has a style of his on. Keeping the art of the DJ and of the mix tape alive. Delivering a all new mix tape Like a boss do with Papa Don Creating original new twist the sound of urban rap hip/hop and R&B.

Papa Don mission started in 2003 as a hip hop/urban artist,when he set out to make his music available to the public as a street vendor. Here he his now dropping ''This The Life'' Deluxe Edition album expect to be inspire and fell good music. There's something for everybody 20-tracklist to choose from don't lose out on this good deal! Papa Don's music has helped him cultivate a hybrid fusion sound that has captivated broad audiences and fans of his music internationally. Now, the next generation of the Hoodstar Family is aiming to get there label into the public eye. 

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